11 Mei 2007


By: Farid Ma’ruf*
During Gender Mainstreaming and Analysis Training in Australia, we all learnt how important the gender issue is in our lives. The extent of importance of the gender encompasses all segments of our live, from private or domestic sphere to public arena, that is why gender said to be a cross cutting issue. Both men and women are of important agents. We as men and women are of course very important in terms of being representatives of Indonesian we all are also ambassadors of our own communities and we are assuming gender experts too. As we graduated from the training, all we have responsibility and obligation to be always gender responsive because gender is about attitude and behavior, no mater what our individual position is. Action plan is a minimum thing and one step for us to exercise our knowledge and technical expertise about gender in the area where we are working.
However, knowledge we had got from the three-month training is not sufficient enough to be a real gender expert, we have to learn many more things other than what we had learnt. All we have to do is to share our knowledge through information exchange among ourselves. Now we have a very sound website called http://gender-indonesia@blogspot.com. We have to appreciate Wahyu Jati pramanto who had wholeheartedly dedicated his expertise in IT by developing a very promising medium for all of us. This is the real attitude, behavior, commitment, and dedication too, toward a better gender relationship in the community.
I had already reported this website to Mr Dr. Surjadi Soeparman, Deputy Minister for Gender Mainstreaming in Jakarta. I said that this website is the realization of the group commitment during the meeting with him and Ms Mardiana at Franklin Central Apartment room #111 in Australia. Do you know what his respond is? He reconfirmed to me whether the website is accessible now or not. So it is a challenge for all us to optimally utilize the website. Articles, opinions, or whatever information that are important and have thing to do with gender, please post them out. Again thank you Wahyu, and well come to all my colleagues.
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